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Life at Mana

Company Culture and Value

Honesty: We believe in honesty and integrity, doing the right things for the right reasons, and treating people fairly and with respect are core values within our corporate culture.

Desire: A desire/craving/passion to create a strong company culture is the most important driver of a great culture. Without a desire that compels the leader/s to do everything within their power to create a great place to work, it’s unlikely even a mediocre culture will be built.

Knowledge: The two together – the appropriate knowledge sharing staff and the appropriate knowledge sharing environment to support, will rapidly bring about a knowledge sharing culture that helps everyone better, to meet the common business objectives.

Excellence: Your talent or quality which is unusually good always requires to boost the morale to achieve the organizational goals.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare is a term including various services, benefits and facilities offered to employees by the employers. The welfare measures need not be monetary but in any kind/forms. This includes items such as allowances, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance and food.


Company Accommodation

Live-in accommodation is an added benefit for you, which can always help with the cost of living. Mana Hotels –Ranakpur also provides onsite accommodation for its staff depending on availability and the employee’s role.


Meal on duty hours

While you are on duty you are entitled to your meals at work, whether it be breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.


Training/educational opportunities

Mana Hotel make sure that every individual is learning every day and contributing to company’s growth along with his own growth. For this, Mana arranges time to time trainings by professionals.


Celebration & Entertainments

Mana Hotels knows the importance of any Special event of an employee. At Mana Hotels we celebrate special days of employee such as birthdays, anniversary etc.

Monthly in-house entertainment : Small activities organize by the hotel such Movie experience for staff , Cricket match , Volleyball match Etc.

Quarterly parties outside the hotel: Once in every three month hotel organizes a party outside the hotel.

At such events a birthday cake is cut to celebrate the birthday’s of all employees in the previous month.


Employee welfare is very important for both employees & organization because a satisfied & motivated employee can create miracles for the company and we at Mana strongly believe in that.