There are two types of people. Those who like to stay at chain hotels and those who prefer boutique hotels. If you’re a part of the former, you could consider Boutique Hotels as well! Here are the reasons why:

View from the Villa at Mana Hotels, Ranakpur

The Local Feel: If you want to get a feel of the true local flavor of your holiday destination, opt for a Boutique Hotel. Most likely, they will be located in a less commercial or “touristy” location, which will be peaceful and quiet. Your surroundings would most likely be quaint!

A Unique Experience: Staying in chain hotels gives you the safety of having a standardized experience. The problem however is just that! Opt for a different more unique, more personalized experience that only boutique hotels can provide instead!

Luxury: It’s all about being a big fish in a little pond! Smaller scale hotels accommodate fewer guests, which means that the management will be able to dedicate more time to your whims and fancies!

Newer Properties: Boutique hotels have been around for a shorter amount of time! This means that the odds of your hotel being newer and fresher are higher!

Upscale Design: Whether newly constructed or historic, boutique hotels are usually high on the design quotient! Their lobbies are usually plush, they have a warmer ambiance and often eclectic, eye catching art!


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