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Leopard Safari


Leopard Safari

  • # 4 Hours Duration
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The Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh forest reserve is a treat for nature lover's. Nestled in the lap of the Aravallis, this reserve is one of the few destinations in North India which offers sightings of the elusive leopard. Mana Hotels has identified 3 - 4 locations in the reserve which offer the highest chance of sighting the animal and they are all located within a 1 hour drive from the hotel. The landscape is primarily rocky without any vegetation. This makes the sightings very clear and enjoyable. Mana Hotels works closely with the Forest Department which has in depth information about this region to ensure that the guests have enjoyable experience with the highest possibility of sighting the leopard.


4:00 pm: Leave Mana Ranakpur by car.

5:00 pm: Arrive at Bera/Perwa/Sena and shift to the safari jeep.

5:15 pm: Commence the Safari. The Leopard sightings are most common in the dark as the glowing eyes are easy to spot. Different locations will be scouted by the forest ranger to try and find the leopard. This process can take upto 2 hours.

8:00 pm: Change vehicles and head back to Mana Ranakpur.

9:00 pm: Arrive at Mana Hotels for dinner.


  1. Mana Hotels takes no guaranty that a leopard sighting will occur. This is an experience controlled by mother nature. Therefore, we request all guests to understand when a leopard is not seen.
  2. Children below 8 years of age are not allowed for the safari.
  3. Children above 8 years of age must be accompanied by adults and constantly monitored & supervised during the safari.
  4. Proper attire consisting of full sleeve shirts, pants and walking shoes are recommended.
  5. The guests must remain in the safari vehicle at all times and refrain from stepping out at any point of time.
  6. Since this experience takes the guests into the wild, proper decorum should be maintained at all times. We do not wish to disturb the animals. In addition, any excessive noises are bound to drive away the animals and reduce chances of sighting.
  7. This activity is jointly conducted by Mana Hotels and the Forest department. 
  8. We need a minimum notice of 2 days to carry out this activity.
  9. No safari's can be carried out on days when it rains. Also, no safari's are conducted during the monsoon period of July to September. 

Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh Forest


Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh Forest

Covering a total area of 578 kilometres of the desert landscape, the Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary in Rajasthan is home to a wide variety of animals including some endangered species. The animals that inhabit the sanctuary include wolf, nilgai, jackal, jungle cat, leopards, four-horned antelope, sloth bear, hyena, chinkara, sambhar and hare. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between October to June. But if you can bear the heat, come during the summer months. Because of the scarcity of water, it will be easier to spot the animals near the water bodies.

An equally vivid bird life exists at the Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh sanctuary. Birds that can be seen in the sanctuary include the grey jungle fowl, dove, parakeets, peacocks, golden oriole, grey pigeons, bulbul and white breasted kingfisher.

Jeep Safari’s and Jungle Treks are good ways to explore this national reserve.


  1. Before entering the Ranakpur Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, permission of the forest ranger has to be taken.
  2. Entry fees have to be paid. Additional charges are applicable for any photography equipment