Gorbandh Palace in Jaisalmer is another beautiful property of the HRH group of Hotels. It is ideally located and inspired by the desert and its associated stories. Here, you can enjoy all modern-day facilities in an authentic Rajasthani ambiance. This luxurious retreat has lush greenery, fountains, a state of the art spa (Panghat Spa) for soothing Ayurvedic and beauty treatments and a luxuriously blue swimming pool which makes for a great getaway away from the heat and dust of Jaisalmer. The hotel has 83 rooms with 3 suites and 83 deluxe rooms.

A gorbandh is literally the camel’s harness that the desert women of Rajasthan decorate with cowry shells, beads, sequins, coloured threads and even buttons. The women take pride in decking up their husband’s camels in the most splendid ways possible as a mark of respect for the majestic beast of burden which is a mainstay in Rajasthani culture.

Rasodha (meaning Traditional Kitchen) and Bageecha (meaning Garden) are the hotel’s restaurants which offer a delicious ethnic fare and speciality cuisine. Madhushala, (the traditional Indian tavern) is the hotel’s bar which serves up the choicest drinks, snacks and ambiance.

Sam’s Sand Dunes, the famous deluxe desert safari camp site is also nearby. The camp comes alive at night with campfire, mashaals, musicians, dancers, camel safaris and traditional live cultural entertainment. Even if you do not wish to participate in the festivities, watching the sun set from these dunes is an absolute must.

Jaisalmer, in the heart of the Thar Desert, is famous for its imposing forts, exquisite palaces and havelis that showcase the distinguished jali (stone lattice work), a true representation of Rajput aesthetics and cobbled streets. There are also many ruins, Jain temples and shrines as well as an artificial lake in the region.

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