• Duration - 5 min

  • Theme - Nature

  • No. of Person - minimum 2

Located just 2km from Mana Ranakpur is the picturesque Ranakpur ‘bandh’ (dam). Originally, this location was graced by the Maharaja and Maharani of Jodhpur on a frequent basis to enjoy the peace & tranquillity of Ranakpur. We will recreate this experience for our esteemed guests by serving them some beverages and snacks with the Aravallis as the back drop. Occasionally some ‘Ghadiyal’s’ can also be seen in the water. In addition, this location is great for an early morning Yoga session.
Ranakpur Dam
Places to Visit in Ranakpur

5:00 pm: Leave Mana Ranakpur by car or on foot

5:20 pm: Arrive at the dam and take in the views and sights

5:45 pm: Tea, coffee and snacks will be served to you by the well trained staff of Mana Hotels Ranakpur

6:30 pm: Spend as much time at the location. It is advisable to head back before dark

6:45 pm: Head back to Mana Ranakpur by car or on foot


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Terms & Conditions:
- We need a 1 day advance notice to plan these activities.
- Excursions to the Ranakpur Dam are not conducted during the monsoon season (July to September).
- The itinerary shown above is for the evening tea experience. The Yoga session is recommended early in the morning.
- The Ranakpur dam is located in natural area with rocky surfaces and water throughout the year. Keeping this in mind, guests must exercise proper restraint. Any children visiting the dam must do so under the supervision of adults.

Thank you !

Thank you !