• Driving Time - 5 min

  • Theme - Religious

Mana Hotels is a 5 minute drive from one of the five most important pilgrimage sites of Jainism. Apart from its religious importance, the 1,444 unique hand crafted marble pillars of the temple make it an architectural marvel. The temple is in the form of a celestial aircraft and its sheer size takes your breath away! The evening prayers carried out in candle light with two 108 kg bells being played in synchronization is a unique experience for the mind and the body. Many people are surprised to know that the Ranakpur Jain Temple is an environmentally conscious institution and houses a sewage treatment plant. The recycled water from this plant is used for watering the landscape in the temple complex.
Ranakpur Jain Temple
Temples in Ranakpur
Key Facts

1. 1,444 Unique Columns

2. 29 Halls

3. 80 domes

4. Built in the 15th Century over 65 years

5. Total area 50,000 sq feet

6. Dedicated to Lord Adinath

7. 5 minute drive from Mana Hotels


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Terms & Conditions:
- Photography is allowed between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m. only.
- While visiting the temple, shorts, sleeveless shirts, skirts or short dresses should be avoided. Guests wearing such clothing will be refused entry into the temple.
- Any leather item is not permitted inside the temple. This includes but is not limited to Belts, Wallets, Bags etc.
- The Ranakpur Jain Temple is a place of worship. Proper decorum must be maintained by the guests visiting the temple at all times.
- We urge the guests to keep the temple complex clean. Waste bins are placed at multiple locations in case you have to dispose off any garbage.
- Do not feed any animals in the temple complex for your own safety.

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Thank you !