Summer Weekends in North India

Don’t miss out on a summer vacation thinking that you won’t be able to take so many days off from work! Especially if you’re in North India, you can take a quick drive to one of the many excellent summer destinations in the mountains that will give you the respite you need! Quick weekend getaways are incredibly affordable, leaving you recharged! And, they’re a great escape from the sweltering summer!


India’s lake district is the perfect short getaway. There is amazing road connectivity linking Nainital with Uttarakhand and other cities, and for people living in North India, the scenic drive is an experience in itself.

Visit the hill station between March to June. Activities you can enjoy within 2 days include fishing, boating, hiking and trekking. Or, you can laze around and enjoy the crisp air, have tea and read if you want to relax.


The Uttaranchal destination is often the first thing people consider for a quick getaway. It is a five hour drive from Delhi, so you can compute driving times from other locations in North India. Upon reaching, you’ll immediately begin to realise the potential of Mussourie as a summer getaway – trekking, long walks, and many restaurants to visit during the evenings. The weather is substantially cooler than the city, and you’ll find it hard to make the return journey home!


The queen of hills is a much loved summer retreat. There are sharp mountains and deep valleys in every direction, and the drive is rather scenic. Instead of attempting to drive around everywhere, you should find a hotel with good parking (because it can get crowded during the peak season), and walk around. People flock to Shimla to enjoy the cool weather, explore the British Indian colonial architecture and enjoy outdoor activities like biking and sightseeing tours. If it is raining heavily, you can relax at your hotel sipping tea. And, after a day or two here, you can visit Mashobra, a lesser known tourist hotspot, to enjoy nature and sightseeing.


Considered a backpacker’s paradise in India, Dharamsala is one of the most enjoyable getaways one can plan. However, to truly enjoy a visit to this city, it is ideal to book a trip here on an extended weekend. Globally, Dharamshala’s McLeodganj village is famous as it is the home of the Dalai Lama. In fact, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is officially located in Dharamshala, which has made it a hotbed of Tibetan and Buddhist culture. That means it is great for photography at the local monasteries, exploring cuisine, fashion and of course for those dabbling in spiritualism and Buddhism. Adventure activities include hiking at Triund.


Manali is famed for its snowy peaks and greenery. As you enter, you will greeted by the meandering Beas River and dense pinewoods. You can spend some time enjoying in the snow, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for the great trekking and mountaineering trips available. A car trip to Rohtang pass is ideal if you want to do sightseeing, but be ready for slightly tough driving conditions.

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