Mana Hotels Vaccination of Staff

26th June 2021: Mana Hotels in Ranakpur is proud to announce that all of its eligible staff has been vaccinated with atleast 1 dose of the Covid vaccination. The Mana Hotels vaccination drive was carried out in association with the local authorities and hospitals over a period of 1 month. “Being located in a remote part of Rajasthan, getting our staff vaccinated was not easy. There was a constant struggle to get slots booked for our staff majority of whom are under 45 years of age”, said Mr. Ajay Seth, Assistant Manager HR at Mana Hotels.

Challenges – Mana Hotels Vaccination Drive

The Mana Hotels vaccination drive was challenging also due to the preconceived notions that the local population had about vaccinations and allopathic medicine in general. “Many of the local boy’s were reluctant to get vaccinated thinking that these will be bad for their health over a longer period of time”, said Mr. Kishan Choudhary, Assistant Manager Operations at Mana Ranakpur.

Responsibility as Citizens of India

The Mana Hotels vaccination effort is not limited to the hotel’s staff alone. “We are making sure that the staff along with the all members of their families who share a common house are vaccinated as well”, commented Mr. Ajay Seth. He further added that “We have taken upon this task as our responsibility as citizens of India”.

Mana Hotels has been vocal about the importance of vaccinating the hotel staff all over Rajasthan. “Since our associates are coming in contact with guests from all over the country even during the peaks of the infection, they are putting their lives at risk along with those of their families. They have to face these risks with a smile on their face ensuring best in class hospitality to the traveler’s”, said Mr. Dheeraj Jain, Manager Sales & Marketing.

Mana Hotels vaccination campaign is bound to give traveler’s the confidence to once again start travelling to this beloved destination of Ranakpur in Rajasthan.

About Mana Hotels Ranakpur:
Mana Hotels Vaccination Drive
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Mana Hotels is fully committed to being environmentally and socially conscious. We follow sustainable practices, use energy efficient designs and are adaptable during the construction phase to ensure that we fulfill our responsibility towards the environment. We believe in creating ventures that generate employment for the local communities and have vowed to have at least 50% of the work force from the local areas in the future as well!

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