No matter how many times you FaceTime or Skype with your family, there is nothing better than a big bad family reunion. It’s best when this family reunion occurs at a third party destination where a single person is not being held accountable (or judged) for the arrangements!

If you have family living in different parts of the country or world and you’re missing them, it’s time you start thinking about a family reunion!

Before the idea of planning for an event of this scale intimidates you, you should read on to see the simple ways in which you can organize a fabulous get-together suited for family members of all ages!

  1. Gather a team! Send out an email your siblings and cousins to join the planning and organizing team. There will be many things that you will need to account for and the more helping hands you have, the better!
  2. Assess tasks! Make a list of all the things that will need to be undertaken to put together this reunion. Start with dates and then move into planning budgets, venues, food and drinks and recreation!
  3. Assign roles! Divide the above-mentioned tasks amongst your volunteers in a manner that no one person has to take on too much. Remember, if the tasks start interfering with their daily commitments, there is a possibility that they will not be completed! Assigning roles helps in creating accountability as well as ensures that deadlines are met!
  4. Meet deadlines! Nothing will happen unless it’s done! It’ll be nice if you call / text your volunteers with motivational messages to remind them to finish the tasks assigned to them!
  5. Get consensus! To ensure that all members are in great spirits throughout the reunion, make sure you get a consensus on all matters. If not a consensus, at least get people to vote on key factors like budgets, locations, activities etc.!
  6. Party! If you’ve managed to do all these things, you’ve got nothing left to do but party! It’s time you let your hair down and reconnect with your family whom you barely get to see!


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