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Staycation vacations have broadened the aspect of travel. Not only does it mean the freedom to work no matter where you are. It also brings with it the joy of townie life, enjoying the simple pleasures for as long as you wish.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on our lives, work is affected but not still. Going out for conventions and conferences has been replaced by zoom meetings, commuting for hours is no longer a bane rather it has opened more space up for family time and other creative pursuits on our daily planners. The modus operandi in 2021 is to work from anywhere.

work from staycation

The year has seen a rise in working professionals booking staycation homestays for weeks and months. People prefer remote locales of the mountains and the lesser-known valleys and beaches in India, as these places have reduced traffic yet ease of connectivity.

Those who roam with their children ensure continual access to online classes and office meetings; this way the professional, academic, and family life do not suffer. What’s more, the scenic landscape of the countryside motivates your clan to accomplish their tasks with sharper diligence.

Most singles and couples have opted for this new lifestyle as digital nomads. Having no or minimal familial attachments they choose to be consistently on the move. This lot prefers bed and breakfast motels and inns over fixed accommodation as a getaway.

In these households working and exploring go hand in hand. Assignments are completed and yet there is no dearth of leisure time. Enriching the mind and body with a dose of fresh air has helped many to say goodbye to the dreadful Monday blues. Productivity is maintained and mental health has improved all thanks to the ‘Workation Life!’

staycation work

For those who aspire to work from a staycation location, this is a must-read list compiled for your benefit. Game to break the monotony of working in pj’s from your bedroom? Here’s what you have to do:

Get Vaccinated

This step is the foremost to-do if you are planning to move out and adopt the staycation life. Delaying this inevitably invites trouble especially for children below 18 that haven’t been cleared for receiving vaccines. Currently, Indian Government laws do not stipulate this as mandatory but it is our civic duty to get inoculated not just for our immunity but for the larger populace’s health standards.

Staycation vaccinations

For your Information:

  • Vaccines have been made free by the Indian Government.
  • Register yourself on Co-Win’s website, fill in the appropriate pin code, and you are set with a few easy steps that book a slot for you.
  • When the d-day arrives be sure to cover your hair, wear gloves, and a facial mask when you leave the house. Carry a sanitizer with you at all times.
  • Be well-rested, that means a good night’s sleep before your jab.
  • Stay well hydrated and don’t cut back on any meals.
  • Stay sensitive and follow ethical decorum. Clicking selfies and pictures with the medical staff on duty can distract them.
  • After your first dose, stay home for two weeks. Move out only if it’s an emergency.
  • Co-Win will take into account once you get your first dose. It will timely update and remind you to get the secondary jab.
  • Plan travel only when you have completed two weeks after the second shot to minimize chances of getting reinfected.


Always carry proof of being Covid-19 inoculated. It is safer to update your knowledge about post-Covid rules of travelling and the requirements of any particular place you are travelling to. For example- many states in India declare that an e-pass is required along with RT-PCR test reports. Travelling by air in India has made this mandatory. Arm yourself with information about all the necessary protocols and reduce the risk of being turned back.

testing before staycation

Get the famed Antibody Test done. This will let you know whether you have enough antibodies after being fully vaccinated. They empower you with protection for the coming months. Plus the idea of going out for a staycation vacation will add endorphins to keep the antibodies alive and kicking.

Get your Priorities in Order

plan your staycation

Craving that long-overdue staycation? We feel you. Booking a staycation for weeks doesn’t entail that office duty and children’s schooling are on hold. Luckily all you need are your functional gadgets along with their chargers.

Here are a few pointers to not miss out:

  • Plan ahead. Make a list of all your essentials and as Marie Kondo would say, “organize, to spark joy!” Start packing in advance at least a week before. You wouldn’t want to miss anything in the last-minute rush.
  • Ensure all your utility bills are paid for before you leave.
  • Turn off electricity wherever you can in your residence. Once you step out there is no reason one should be wasting this precious resource.
  • Empty your fridge, coming back to stale food is an absolute no! Consume all the food stored before you leave or take it with you. If your villa has a kitchen cum pantry, carry all dry stock like pulses and grains.
  • Complete due assignments and tasks of your own and help your kids too.
  • Find out if your staycation has operational laundromats nearby or possesses a washing machine. No use piling up dirty laundry.
  • Let your guardians or folks know that you are leaving and for how long.
  • Please carry vital photo ids of your family.
  • A medical kit is most advisable as part of your luggage assortment.
staycation first aid

There is Nothing as Too many Sanitizers

We will be turning two in a few months since the pandemic bit us. It can be humbly accepted that there is a long way to go before we can be completely Covid-free. It is better to follow all precautions carefully.

Wash your hands thoroughly but in case that option is unavailable the next best thing is always there. Keep sanitizers in liquid and gel form, the spray helps to disinfect larger objects and the latter is good for cleansing hands.

staycation at hygienic hotels

Find out if your staycation villa or apartment had been sanitized. If not, then insist on getting this done. It will save you from stress and the obsessive-compulsive need to sanitize the entire studio by yourself. Make sure all family members have the quintessential pocket sanitizers with them wherever they go.

Drive Through

Better to steer clear of public transportation like railways, they are likely to bring you into contact with hoards of people. When you know your journey’s objective isn’t too far avoid taking breaks while you are on the road. Keep your masks on at all times in the car as there are strict traffic laws with hefty fines if you or any other member in the car is caught without a mask on. Pack eatables and beverages that can help you manage hunger pangs for the duration of your road trip.

road trip staycation

When navigating from Delhi, there are many hill stations in Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan that are within close driving range. For those who move out from Mumbai, there are the beautiful valleys of Mahabaleshwar and Lokhandwala that can be home for weeks.

Pictures of tourists thronging the hills are already a beacon to skip congested public places and head straight for your final destination. Prep your getaway hotel about an estimate of when you will reach, and request them for arranging a meal as soon as you arrive while keeping your chambers ready to move in.

Staycation Facilities

Pick a staycation hotel or homestay where you can stay shy of jammed sites yet enjoy the privacy of your own space. Choose a villa in a boutique hotel, many of the best hotels in Rajasthan and Himachal offer this service. Whether it be the hills of Kasol and Tirthan or the lush green dales of Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh; such places are idyllic and obscure. Stay for a minimum of three weeks to relax, work, explore and enjoy. Make sure your staycation vacation can be the ideal workation for you and your children.

Staycation hotels Mana Ranakpur

A recommended first-rate resort in Rajasthan is the Mana Hotels in Ranakpur. An award-winning hotel nestled just beyond the Aravallis. With over 1.7 acres, it is a budget-friendly and luxurious property. Inspiring with its avant-garde design, wide array of art displays, contemporary villas, and rooms; this boutique hotel in Ranakpur has unmatched sophisticated poise. Equipped with a swimming pool, free wifi, laundry, gourmet dining, jungle safari camping services, and a plethora of indoor & outdoor activities to choose from, it truly has it all. Easily accessible from all major highways and cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad; it is one of the most sought-after hotels near Udaipur. Bring your better half and children along for an ultimate staycation experience at this boutique hotel in Rajasthan. All Covid-19 protocols are followed here daily for example disinfecting rooms and all common spaces as well as maintaining social distance. Please note that the entire staff has been vaccinated for your family’s protection.

Follow Social Distancing

You cannot stay holed up in your room or villa as that is not what a staycation demands. Take a break from your screens, soak in the sun and enjoy the views. Be it hiking, swimming, biking, or any other activity you have planned, move outside while maintaining proper social distance.

staycation with social distancing

Travel has become a lifestyle in itself, a means to reverberate vigour and stay happy; for some, it’s cheaper than therapy. We heartily agree that summer staycation plans should not be ditched. To each, your own. Do all that you can to enjoy safely!

Mute Social Media

Live a little, differently. It is not suggested that you do this for too long but now and then take a social media hiatus whenever you can. This move will detoxify your body and fuel your energy levels. Make the most of your staycation and plan every day to the tee.

staycation with loved ones
staycation with outdoor activities

We suggest the following:

  • Enjoy an athletic sprint in the morning.
  • Play sports with your children or practice frisbee catch with your dog.
  • Watch shows with your bae in the evening, a good movie and popcorn never hurt anyone.
  • Engage to ‘do-it-yourself’ whether it be craft, knitting, painting, or even gardening; indulge your creativity.
  • Pamper yourself with a mani-pedi and slip on a face mask for that glow! Book a spa if your staycation hotel runs one.
  • Read a book or solve puzzles, when it rains make the most of staying indoors.
  • Learn a new skill, like calligraphy or pottery. It can be something you longed to learn but never found the time for.
  • At the end of a long day lay back and just stargaze! It’s what you will miss the most when you head back to the city.
staycation night gazing

Wardrobe Wise

Packing for a trip often leads to clothes leaping out of our overflowing closets, specifically those that haven’t been worn in a while or were being saved for travel plans. Living in a staycation by yourself or with your family saves you the need to flaunt new looks every day that are dauntingly put together. But that doesn’t mean joggers and sweatpants have taken over our lives!

Unless you are a budding social media influencer don’t burden yourself with excess baggage. Post-staycation laundry should be minimum. Look out for an operational laundromat where you travel to.

romantic staycation

It is recommended to keep a few makeover outfits that come in handy. Never a dull moment in a birthday celebration or an anniversary date when you are dressed for the occasion. Make an effort to look stylish when it’s called for.

Money Matters

Last but not least, like the wise man Paul Van Der Merwe said, “Money makes the World go Round..”

staycation on a budget

Going out for weeks or months means you will be living and incurring expenses other than your homestay’s rent. Carry enough cash in hand. Staycations in remote places can be well equipped with digital payment options but the outback you wish to explore is not completely tech-savvy. There is no guarantee that there will be ATMs sprawling wherever you go. Best to keep a palm-sized digital locker with you to ensure your cash is secure and nearby, in case your staycation does not have the provision for a bolted closet safe. Shop for local arts and crafts that help sustain the livelihood of the regional community, take back local novelties and memories for a lifetime.

Happy Trails Everyone!

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